Rally at the Governor’s mansion – tell Hickenlooper not to Frack Colorado for Tar Sands Oil

On Tuesday, March 26th at noon, people across Colorado are coming together for the “Don’t Frack Colorado for Tar Sands Oil” action in front of the Governor’s Mansion! RSVP here to join us.

Why? Gov. Hickenlooper is traveling to Canada March 26-29, leading a delegation of 20 including representatives from the Canadian Consulate Office, on an “energy-focused mission”, with a stop by the tar sands. (Read more here.)

Unfortunately, that likely means that the Governor plans to promote the use of fracked gases from Colorado to develop tar sands oil. Huge amounts of natural gas and fresh water are used to superheat the tar sands in order to get the oil out. And natural gas condensate is used to viscosify the sludgy tar sands oil so that it will flow in pipelines. As we all know, this is an extremely dirty and carbon-intensive form of energy.

Is this the kind of energy development you hoped our Governor would pursue? Didn’t think so. Please join us next Tuesday to send Gov. Hickenlooper off with a loud and clear message! Colorado wants a clean energy future! Don’t Frack Colorado for Tar Sands Oil!!

Many of you joined us for the #ForwardOnClimate event last month asking President Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline and take serious action to solve the climate crisis.

Like last month, let’s wear black to form a human oil pipeline. (Wear your black No KXL or #ForwardOnClimate shirt, if you got one!) There may even be another human oil spill! 😉

Don’t Frack Colorado for Tar Sands Oil Action

When: Tuesday, March 26th, 12noon
Where: In front of the Governor’s Mansion, 400 East 8th Avenue, Denver
RSVP Here and spread the word with our Facebook event page.

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