Senate Committee to hear SCR13-002 – Colorado Health Care Cooperative


The Senate Health and Human Services Committee (HHS) will hear SCR13-002 “Colorado Health Care Cooperative,” which would send the Cooperative to the voters for approval as a Constitutional Amendment in Nov. 2013.

When: Thursday, April 4, 1:30pm
Where: Old Supreme Court Chambers, 2nd Floor, Capitol Building, 200 E Colfax

If your senator is on the HHS Committee, it’s particularly important that you contact them, and if you know anyone in their district, that you ask them to contact the senator, too. Contact your senator and any other senators you know, urge them to support the bill, and try to find out if they plan to vote for the bill. If they support it, thank them, and if not, ask them what would cause them to change their mind.

There are many things you can do to give Senator Aguilar’s bill your support:

  1. Contact HHS Committee Senators before Thursday
  2. Attend the Hearing – Pack the Chambers with Supporters
  3. Testify, orally or written
  4. Spread the word – on facebook, letters to editors, your contact lists, blogs, twitter, phone, personally tell ten people to each tell ten people

For more information, go to

 Below are the members of the HHS committee.

A legislator wrote in a recent newsletter why she voted against a controversial bill which she personally supported: “Without more clear guidelines from the people in [my district], I was hesitant to move forward.” This should motivate all of us to contact our legislators even if we think they support the Cooperative, and especially if we don’t know how they feel about it.
More you can do:
  1. Attend the April 12 Banquet to benefit the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health with speakers Sen. Irene Aguilar, MD and Dr. Gerald Friedman, author of the 2013 economic impact analysis of health reform in Colorado.  Click HERE for more info.
  2. Donate money, time, energy, skills to obtain quality health care for each Coloradan with a sustainable, practical system that will “Use our money wisely.”  (Click HERE)
  3. Party after the hearing April 4 at Pint’s Pub, 221 W 13th Ave, Denver—walking distance from the Capitol.
  4. Gear up for the next committee hearings.

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