Senator Aguilar shelves Coop Bill untill 2014

On April 12, 2013, Senator Aguilar laid over (withdrew her legislation) SCR13-002, for the Colorado Health Care Cooperative, until January 8, 2014. The Colorado Health Care Cooperative extends Obama’s Affordable Care Act and develops a unique plan for controlling costs while providing accessible health care for all residents. Although Senator Aguilar could not obtain the two thirds vote of the Senate needed for this Constitutional Amendment Referendum, Co-operate Colorado‘s multi-year strategy remains intact, the progress has been great, and momentum is strong and rising.

In this legislative session, the Cooperative has been advanced in a number of ways:

  • Careful amendment language for the Cooperative has been crafted so that, when approved, there will be sufficient structure to establish a successful universal health care system.   
  • An economic impact analysis shows that there are great economic and health care advantages to the Cooperative. 
  • The Cooperative proposal is in the news. Most of the articles report that while the bill has been withdrawn, they also note that it is coming back next year.
  • The next key strategic piece, establishing the Interim Committee, SJR13-021, has passed the Senate. The Interim Committee would create public focus on the need to come up with a viable, sustainable system to meet the health care needs of all the people of Colorado.
  • Co-operate Colorado is moving forward with plans for a citizens’ initiative in 2014 based on SCR13-002. When the legislative activity ends, there will be a seamless transfer of focus to the citizens’ initiative.

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