Be the Change USA is a grassroots political organization that promotes the progressive issues and principles espoused by the Senate campaign of Mike Miles. Be the Change USA is steadfastly committed to the progressive ideals that Miles championed during his campaign:

Compassion over greed, effort over pedigree, service over wealth and the common good above all.

Founded in the late summer of 2004, Be The Change’s initial goal was to support progressive candidates and issues in the November 2004 election. Over the long term, the organization continues to support progressive political issues, although we are not as actively involved in the Democratic Party. The name “Be the Change” was Mike Miles’s Senate campaign slogan, and comes from the quote by Gandhi: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Be The Change supports:

Stronger Fracking Regulations

Although Be The Change does not support a state-wide fracking ban in Colorado, we do support stricter regulations on the industry, including closed loop fracking systems, strict limits on air emissions, comprehensive monitoring of methane emissions, ground water monitoring, and health studies of residents near fracking wells.

Be The Change is proud to host Phil Doe and Wes Wilson as resident experts in water and fracking regulations.  Phil and Wes have traveled extensively throughout the state and lectured local communities on the hazards of fracking.

Community Rights

Be The Change supports the right of municipalities and counties to regulate industry and commerce within their jurisdictions, including the right to ban industries and processes they deem harmful to the health of their communities.The struggle for these rights arose due to the fracking boom that hit Colorado in the past several years. In the 2013 election,  four front range communities enacted moratoriums and bans on the practice – Boulder, Fort Collins, Lafayette, and Broomfield. These wins follow Longmont’s successful campaign to outright ban fracking in 2012. The wins have faced legal challenges by the oil and gas industry and Governor Hickenlooper, who is a staunch supporter of the fracking industry.

In February 2013, Hickenlooper bragged at a U.S. Senate committee hearing that he drank an experimental (non-toxic) form of fracking fluid. Be The Change believes Governor Hickenlooper should respect the will of  voters who instituted fracking bans and moratoriums and withdraw from legal challenges to their right to regulate this industry – and lay off the fracking fluid!

Action on Climate Change

Be The Change supports drastic reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions and believes the U.S. should lead the world in green energy technologies – wind, solar, and energy conservation. Be The Change supports ex-NASA scientist James Hansen’s goal of 350ppm carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and understands that fracking will not get us to these goals. As Josh Fox of Gasland fame stated – “fracking is not a bridge fuel- it’s a gangplank.”

 Constitutional Amendment to Strip Corporate Rights

Be The Change understands the corrosive effect that corporate power has had on our democracy, and supports Move To Amend‘s efforts to amend the U.S. Constitution to state that “Money is not Speech, and Corporations are not People.”

Single Payer Health Care

Be The Change supports Health Care For All Colorado‘s efforts to implement a universal, public, single payer health care system in Colorado, where everyone is covered and is free to choose their own doctor, but the system is managed by the state.

 State-Owned Bank

North Dakota has run their own bank for close to a century, and has reaped enormous financial benefit while lending money to citizens and local businesses. Be The Change supports efforts to create a state-owned bank in Colorado based on the North Dakota model.


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