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Be The Change USA encourages you to download these images to make posters and share with others.


PDF Download Image
defenddemocracyposter defenddemocracyposter
donttakethebait Picture 1077
 libertyinchains  libertyinchains
 corporate_vs_constitution  corporate_vs_constitution
 whosbehind-71 whosbehind-71-2
 free_societies  free_societies
 quiet  quiet
 defenddemocracy-facts  71-flyer-3



PDF Download Desciption
defenddemocracy-facts Fact Sheet on Amendment 71
 lockout-half-page Half-page talking points on Amendment 71
Peoples Voice Protecting the People’s Voice:
Identifying the Obstacles to Colorado’s
Initiative and Referendum Process
By the Independence Institute
 rtb-summary-of-largest-contributions-and-expenditures  Raise The Bar – Summary of the largest contributors and Expenditures
ballot-issue-2016-2  League of Women’s Ballot Issue Guide 2016
 Open letter to Governor Hickenlooper
 Audio of Phil Doe speaking in opposition to Amendment 71
 ballot-initiatives-that-passed  Citizen ballot initiatives that have passed in Colorado
 vote-no-on-71-flyer-pdf Vote No on 17 – single page flyer rebutting pro-71 arguments