Amendment 71 – Raise The Bar raises millions from Oil and Gas

Raise the Bar is the Issues Committee supporting Amendment 71. Here are the latest contributions and expenditures from that organization*:


Contributions to Raise the Bar
PCEEEI gave an additional $1,000,000 to Raise the Bar – for a total of $2,000,000

Total contributions so far: $4,158,838.00


Largest contributors

$3,123,400.00 Oil and Gas
$151,250.00 big ag
$150,000.00 gaming
$130,000.00 real estate
$100,000.00 hotel and hospitality
$45,000.00 for profit healthcare
$44,500.00 banking/financial

$3,744,150.00 Total of largest contributors


Total expenditures to date: $2,991,023.47


Largest expenditures

$1,675,760.00 Advertising/media

$2,590,935.81 Total of largest expenditures

*All contributions and expenditures reported above were obtained from the Colorado Secretary of State web site.

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