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Phil Doe responds to pro-fracking editorial

The following letter, written by Phil Doe, is a rebuttal to Peter Moore’s guest editorial, Maintain Colorado’s reasoned approach to developing energy resources


In fiction there is a thing called the unreliable narrator because what he relates is fantastical and lacks substantiation. Peter Moore is one of those unreliable narrators.


Colorado does not have the strongest fracking rules in the nation. The strongest rules are those that ban the practice. New York is but one of those states. Indeed, whole nations have banned the practice out of public health concerns


Moore assures us it is only tree dwelling Yahoo environmentalists who have opposed the oil industry’s rule of the state. Actually, it is the families threatened by oil wells in their backyard and schoolyards who form the backbone of the resistance.


Moore claims voter approval of industry sponsored Amendment 71, which denies the public the right of majority rule on constitutional issues, settles the matter. He fails to mention that the industry spent over $27 million in a extended propaganda campaign to achieve this result.


He also fails to mention that as a corporate lawyer he founded Vital for Colorado, an oil and gas front group, and that Vital contributed $655,000 to Amendment 71 funding.


Phillip Doe

Environmental Director

Be the Change USA

Response to the Denver Post’s op-ed of August 20, The need to raise the Bar for amending Colorado’s constitution

It’s never a good idea to limit the people’s rights in a democracy, for as Tom Paine remarked correctly, “The strength of government and the happiness of the governed” is sustained only when the common people have freedom to “mutually and naturally support each other.”


One of the first instruments of mutual, democratic support in Colorado is the initiative, or the right of the citizens to write law.  But this essential right is threatened by a proposal from rich and powerful interests who would suppress it with proposed constitutional amendment 71, called Raising the Bar.  They are fast about the business of trying to make a case for radical change where none exists.   They claim that we-the-people have gone mad and are destroying their constitution by adding new amendments to it, willy-nilly.  As a result the state constitution isn’t as lovely as it could be if it were treated as a religious relic.

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Lafayette files class action suit to protect self-governance and community rights

Residents of Lafayette, Colorado filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to prevent the state of Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) from taking away the town’s right to ban the practice.

Colorado citizens want the right to decide for themselves whether drilling sites like this one should be allowed in their communities.

Photo credit: The Endocrine Disruption Exchange

Citizens in Lafayette, which is a Home Rule Community under Colorado law, voted last November to pass a Community Bill of Rights under its Home Rule Charter that banned fracking and established the right of citizens to a healthy environment. In December COGA sued the city to overturn its Bill of Rights, claiming that while citizens don’t have a right to clean air and water or self-governance, COGA has a constitutional right to frack under the state’s Oil and Gas Act.

Citizens responded by filing a first-of-its-kind class action suit in June, arguing that parts of the Oil and Gas Act violate the right to local self-governance. The preliminary injunction, filed yesterday in the Boulder County District County, would prevent COGA’s lawsuit from moving forward until its own is decided and declare parts of the Oil and Gas Act unconstitutional.

The plaintiffs are part of the Colorado Community Rights Network, a group founded late last year to protect the rights of communities to make decisions locally on issues like fracking. They are represented by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, a Pennsylvania-based group that provides affordable representation to communities clashing with deep-pockets corporations. CELDF executive director Thomas Linzey said of the Lafayette lawsuit:

The right to local, community self-government serves as the foundation for the American system of law. Yet the people’s right to self-governance has been routinely ignored by our elected representatives and overridden by the courts in favor of corporate rights. This class action lawsuit is merely the first of many by people across the United States whose constitutional rights to self-govern are routinely violated by state governments working in concert with the corporations that they ostensibly regulate. The people of Lafayette will not stand idly by as their rights are negotiated away by oil and gas corporations, and by their state government.

The lawsuit follows a recent deal between Gov. Hickenlooper and Colorado congressman Jared Polis to remove four contentious pro- and anti-fracking measures from this November’s state ballot in favor of an 18-member commission, with both citizens and oil and gas industry representatives, to work out an agreement on the issues to submit to the legislature for approval.

Many environmentalists took a dim view of this compromise, despite the likelihood that the industry would spend tens of millions of dollars to buy itself another ballot victory.

Colorado’s first Frack Free Beer Festival!

Please join us in supporting, promoting, and enjoying Colorado’s first Frack Free Beer Festival!

Open to the Public:  Free event!    Donations gratefully accepted!

When: Aug 25th   11am-7pm

Where: Boulder Bandshell Amphitheater,Broadway & Canyon,   Boulder CO

Musical Performances by:

  • Laura Goldhamer
  • Dan Treanor and Afrossippi
  • Caitlin and Sydney Powell
  • Tommy Price and the Stilettos
  • We the People
  • Kunundrum

Guest Appearances /Brief Speakers  From Colorado grassroots concerned citizens groups and environmental groups,

Including Whistleblower Wes Wilson and  Phil Doe  from Be the Change

Vendors:    food vendors,  COLORADO CRAFT BEER , El Dorado Water, artisans…

Sponsored by:

  • Oskar Blues Brewery       
  • El Dorado Spring Water   
  • InkSpired Magazine    
  • Local Radius Organic Farmers
  • Be the Change      
  • What the Frack?! Arapahoe

For more information on performing , becoming a sponsor or a vendor, contact Wade Norris 919-631-6373     


Colorado’s First Frack Free Beer Festival is the first in a series!  This is the inauguration event for the Frack Free Beer Festival Tour across Colorado  (next one will be held Oct 26 in Grand Junction).

The Frack Free Beer Festival is meant to raise a glass to Colorado brews and the clean water that goes into them, and to raise general awareness of the impacts and risks of fracking, including the risks to Colorado water and beer.

Monies raised will go towards covering the considerable expenses of the event, providing some compensation to the fabulous musicians, and raising the money to set up the next Frack Free Beer Festival event.

Vendor booths:  $200.00   (Additional vendors being sought !     Please contact Wade to arrange for a vendor booth at

Group Sponsorship:  Colorado grassroots concerned citizens groups and environmental groups are asked to make an advance donation for the event (at whatever amount  your group can afford to donate) and will be welcome to bring literature/buttons/etc  to share.  Each group is encouraged to bring their own table and chairs.   If you are far from Boulder but would like to see the Frack Free Beer Festival come to your area, make sure your group donates, to help get this tour off the ground !  Additional group sponsorships needed !   Please contact Wade to arrange donation and group sponsorship via email at

Fracking and Beer?                                                                                                                                                                                                 Making beer and fracking (for oil and gas) both use a lot of water.  But the water that the frackers use becomes permanently contaminated with toxic chemicals and heavy metals and radioactive materials, and there is risk of this toxic water and the fracking process contaminating our drinking water (and beer water !) supplies.  Colorado has very limited water supplies.  With 100,000 fracking wells planned for Colorado, will the toxic air emissions make us too sick to enjoy our Colorado brews?  Will the climate change that fracking  expedites make it hard to grow barley and hops?  Will we run out of clean water to make beer?  How do we protect our Colorado natural splendors and quality of life and Colorado craft beer from fracking?  Who’s ensuring our beer security?  Colorado beer drinkers unite !


Letter to Governor Hickenlooper from Colorado Brewers: