Colorado Initiative #103 winds through review process

Colorado Initiative #103, written by Phil Doe of Be The Change U.S.A., is winding through the legal review process. Once that process is complete, the petition will be ready for gathering petitions to get it on the 2014 state-wide ballot.

The establishment of a public trust for natural and environmental resources

Statement of Principle:

The people of Colorado have an inalienable right to clean air, clean water, and the preservation of the environment and natural resources.

How these rights will be protected:

  • The state, as trustee, shall conserve these public resources using the best science available to protect them against substantial impairment.
  • Previous rights and agreements on the use of resources are subject to the substantial impairment test, and could be revoked.
  • The state shall seek monetary damages from anyone impairing these resources and the recovered value shall be used for remediation.
  • Colorado citizens may file enforcement actions on their own behalf in court.
  • Anyone proposing an action using public resources must prove the action will not substantially impair the resource.
  • The manipulation of scientific information for private gain in the use of public resources shall be deemed a criminal offense.

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