Support Longmont – Support House Bill 1269

Please come to the State Capitol
Thursday, March 28, at 10:30 AM.
We need you to help pass legislation
that will make a difference!

We need to show strong support for House Bill 1269.  You may speak if you wish, but you don’t have to. We can speak just as loudly and strongly by filling the hearing room with Coloradans, and especially people from Longmont, who are dissatisfied with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s existing mandate and want change.

Colorado State Capitol

About House Bill 1269:

HB 1269, sponsored by Longmont legislators Mike Foote in the House and Matt Jones in the Senate, addresses a blatant conflict of interest as currently written.

As it stands, protection of public health plays second fiddle to “fostering” oil and gas development.

Section 1 of the bill amends the commission’s mandate to ensure that the development of oil and gas resources protects public health, the environment, and wildlife resources.

The existing language allows the oil and gas industry to allege that any action by a government that reduces its ability to extract any and all of its mineral resources is “waste.”

Section 2 redefines “waste” to exclude reduced production that results from compliance with government regulation.

And finally, the bill prohibits those employed by the industry from serving on the COGCC.  As the COGCC currently exists, it’s a “wholly-owned subsidiary” of the oil and gas industry.

Section 3 prohibits a newly appointed commissioner from being an employee, officer, or director of an oil and gas operator or oil and gas service company while serving on the commission.

House Bill 1269 is likely to strengthen our local efforts to ban fracking.  If it passes and escapes Governor Hickenlooper’s veto, it will create a new foundation for development of oil and gas in Colorado,

The industry will fight hard to prevent these changes. HB 1269 is only the beginning of the massive changes that are needed in Colorado regarding oil and gas extraction. It won’t solve all of our needs, but it is a good start.


If you would like to carpool to Denver, please call or email Marilyn Belchinsky (h:321 693-5128, c:303 827-3049 or by Tuesday noon, and she will coordinate rides.

Can’t attend, but still want to help?

If you can’t attend (although we definitely need you and hope you can), listed below are other ways you can monitor and support other proposed legislation that may help.

Thanks for your ongoing efforts,

The Our Longmont Steering Committee
Here’s how you can show support for legislation affecting oil and gas:

Use this site to see other new bills:

Ways to support helpful legislation:

Transportation and Energy Committee Members


Thank you for helping Keep Longmont
a Great Place to Live!


Our Health, Our Future, Our Longmont

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